McCarthy's Orchard Monkey Bum Shiraz 2016


McCarthy's Orchard Monkey Bum Shiraz 2016

Planted in 1996, these well established vines are able to be dry grown in most years, producing an intensity of flavours not often found.

The unique northern slope of this vineyard allows us to combine the savoury characters, produced from the heavier clay areas at the bottom, with the fruity Satsuma plum and cherry aromas in deeper sandstone the top of the hill.

Our patch of Shiraz is nurtured using organic fertilisers and rock minerals, without pesticides, amongst our apple and pear trees.

So natural tannins, combined with a rich ripe and round mouth feel are a trademark of our wines.

Drink now or cellar for 5 years.

PS The Monkey Bum Shiraz is cheekily inspired by our eldest daughter, Miah.