Caudio Vineyard

What makes Caudo so unique?

Firstly, they have a  steadfast commitment to preserving the river and surrounding wildlife.

The Caudo vineyard is a rich abundance of Australian wildlife, from kangaroos who nibble on lush, green lawns to the countless flocks of native bird species which make their home in the giant River Red Gums adorning the riverfront.

The Murray river itself, a 60-million-year-old water source, supports a plethora of fish, frogs and other species, so maintaining the ecological balance is imperative.

As modern-day Vignerons, Caudo Vineyard has drawn on the expertise of world leaders in dry land agriculture. They have adapted many of their techniques to maximise efficiency and minimise wastage and to ensure the environment continues to thrive. State of the art technology, coupled with a premium growing location, minimises the threat of disease and allows Caudo to produce wines of exceptional quality year after year.