Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea

My name is Annette and I am the person behind Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea.

I’ve always had a passion to live a healthy lifestyle. I believe in exercise, eating healthily, taking time out for yourself and choosing natural ways to heal the body. Throughout my life journey, I have discovered many amazing ways to self-care.  So many of these are simple to instil into everyday living - one of these is drinking tea.

Tea has the most amazing benefits for healing and it is such a comforting drink. But in the commercial markets I really struggled to find teas that were organic, full of flavour and that I enjoyed drinking.  This is why I began my search for natural, organic, no nasties tea. I decided to choose loose leaf tea as it is eco-friendly, and a fresher, tastier option. When I found what I loved I thought maybe others will love it as well.