Cotton Apothecary - Heat Pack


Cotton Apothecary - Heat Pack

Neck Shoulder heat/cool pack. Specifically designed for the neck and shoulder area. Any where a small heat pack is needed, in the arch of your neck or around your wrist when folded. It is small and inconspicuous and designed to contour to the bodies natural curve.

The unique design of the heat pack with 14 individual sections, equally distributes the weight and heat. Each section is individually weighed so all heat packs will sit the same. The heat pack sits lightly on the body, providing natural relief.

Weighs approximately 600 gms, and measures approximately 55 cm in length and 12 cm in width.

Each heat pack can be used as a heat pack in the microwave or a cool pack from the freezer.

Every pack is made from a 100% cotton outer and Australian Lupins filling. Lupins is a legume and not a grain.

Premium handcrafted cotton made in South Australia.