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Spice Girlz know how to create flavour.  Based in Moana, South Australia.  all fresh, local ingredients are used to create fabulous flavours.  Try Hakuna Matata, Dukkah, infused olive oil and good old Saucy Tomato.

Matchetts produces one of the best Chilli Jams on any market.  Straight to you from the Fleurieu.

Port WIllunga Fine Foods creates a delicious caramelised onion jam, and stunning Pinot grape wine conserve for your cheese platters.

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port Willunga fine foods caremelised onion jam
Matchett Productions Chilli Jam
Matchett's Olive oil garlic
port willunga fine foods wine conserve
Matchett's Frivolity Olive Paste 90g
Spice Girlz Hakuna Matata
Port willunga fine foods merlot grape conserve
Spice Girlz Olive oil
Spice Girlz Saucy tomato