Maine Beach - Italian Blood Orange Candle


Italian Blood Orange Candle

This gorgeous candle is part of the ever popular Kangaroo Island range by Maine Beach.  The candle is full of the subtle fragrance of Italian Blood Orange.  It is a hand poured candle with double cotton, lead free wicks.  This ensures that you will get more than 50 hours of burn time.  That's a LOT of nights home!

Candle details

Each candle from Maine Beach is carefully hand poured into a lovely white glass container.  The wicks are double cotton and lead free.  The wax is, of course, soy.  And the fragrances are all so fresh and lovely.  In addition to this candle, there is also the divine Kakadu Plum Candle and the RIverland Orange candle.  This one also has a citrus scent.  But they are so different and distinctive.

Italian Blood Orange

This distinctive scent is what Maine Beach has used throughout their Ligurian Honey range of body care.  It is well known and very well loved.  For the perfect gift, pair your Italian Blood Orange candle with a beautiful gift set in the Ligurian Honey.

These products all look as stunning as they smell.  The packaging is so refined and elegant.  I am sure this is what helps to make them all so popular for gifts.  It always feels that little bit extra special.  I never cover these products in gift paper of any sort - they just look so beautiful as they are.  They're too lovely to cover up!!