Buzz Honey

Artisanal Raw Honey made in South Australia by Buzz Honey.  Ours is a small family business who care for their own bees.  Buzz Honey produces only the most premium 100% Australian raw honeys using a cold press, chemical free, extraction process. This ensures our multiple award-winning honeys preserve their natural enzymes and health giving properties. Buzz Honey hand selects and harvests single floral source honeys from a variety of locations across South Australia. There is nothing in our honeys that is not Australian. Our bees follow the seasons and the flowers, moving from the almonds to the oranges as the flower buds open, and out to the native bush as the brilliant colours of the Mallee and gum blossoms appear.

At Buzz Honey, each fleeting season offers us a new palette to create something special. We have developed our methods of hive and land management to produce classic honeys so suited to drizzling over toast, sweetening drinks, drizzling over cheese, or having as a special, yet completely natural and pure snack. The bees are the bosses at Buzz Honey, and where they lead us, we’re happy to follow because we know it is real, pure honey, foraged in beautiful, fertile country by healthy, happy bees, that we really want to share with you.

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