Matchett Productions

Vicki Matchett, originally from New Zealand, first developed her love of food when she was about seven as she knelt on a stool to make sandwiches in the canteen where her grandmother was an industrial caterer. Being educated at Woodford House in Hawkes Bay, gave her a taste of rural life and, upon leaving school, Vicki studied agriculture. From there she traveled extensively throughout Europe and Africa.

Vicki, a qualified chef with 30+ years in the Industry, is a renowned foodie and has had a high-profile involvement in the development of food networks in South Australia.  Vicki was the founding member of "Flavour SA" – Australia’s first food network - now "Food South Australia". She has completed the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Scholarship in 2000 and is the 2016 recipient of the Food & Beverage Development Fund Scholarship.  Vicki also sits on the Fleurieu Food Board.
With extensive industry know how, Vicki considers herself more of a Gourmet Farmer these days living off her magnificent Southern Fleurieu Peninsula property, drawing much inspiration from its unique location. 

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