Love & Glory


Love + Glory was born from a shared deep-seated desire to craft lives we love. 

After years of tirelessly executing other people’s visions through our work, James and I met serendipitously— both at a place in our lives where we yearned for new paths. I had recently left the safety net of a career in New York City; feeling restless and drained, I hoped that spending a vintage in McLaren Vale learning the craft of making wine would be just the dose of inspiration my soul needed...and perhaps the launch point for a new career in Napa Valley.

Upon my arrival in South Australia, James, a veteran winemaker, took me under his wing and allowed me to help out in his winery. Our strong intellectual connection quickly developed into a romantic relationship, and after a few short months, I abandoned my plans to relocate to Napa Valley and James and I began building a life together in South Australia.

As husband and wife, we sought a project we could pursue together, our way, on our terms. One that would bring to life our deeply held value system — namely the idea that a life fully-lived is our purpose and its achievement requires courage, action, and hard work; it is a glory that must be earned. 

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