Love & Glory


Love + Glory was born from a shared deep-seated desire to craft lives we love. 

After years of tirelessly executing other people’s visions through our work, James and I met serendipitously— both at a place in our lives where we yearned for new paths. I had recently left the safety net of a career in New York City; feeling restless and drained, I hoped that spending a vintage in McLaren Vale learning the craft of making wine would be just the dose of inspiration my soul needed...and perhaps the launch point for a new career in Napa Valley.

Upon my arrival in South Australia, James, a veteran winemaker, took me under his wing and allowed me to help out in his winery. Our strong intellectual connection quickly developed into a romantic relationship, and after a few short months, I abandoned my plans to relocate to Napa Valley and James and I began building a life together in South Australia.

As husband and wife, we sought a project we could pursue together, our way, on our terms. One that would bring to life our deeply held value system — namely the idea that a life fully-lived is our purpose and its achievement requires courage, action, and hard work; it is a glory that must be earned. 

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Love and Glory Sparkling Rosé
Low Sugar sparkling rosé, olives and almonds, bath salts and organic facial oil and deodorant from teh Barossa
valentine gift of Sparkling  rosé, hand made glass heart hand creme and chili Jam