Chocolique Rocky Road


Chocolique Rocky Road - According to our customers Chocolique Rocky Road is the best. The secret ingredient in this delicacy is the ....... You guessed it the superb Belgium couverture chocolate!

Ingredients Chocolate : sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, whole milk powder, emulsifier:soya lecithin, natural vanilla. Marshmallow : sugar, wheat glucose syrup, invert sugar, water gelatine, flavours, colours (122, 102, 110, 123, 124, 133), corn starch. Ingredients Turkish delight : Sugar, glucose, syrup, thickener (acid modified maize starch) vegetable gum(440), raising agent (575), food acid(331), flavours, colours (110,124,102) Contains : peanuts 5% and coconut 3% 80g *may contain traces of gluten, milk