Buzz Honey Triple Jar Pack


Triple Honey Jar Pack

Welcome to our world of raw honey, harvested from pristine locations around South Australia.

Buzz Honey takes pride in retaining the unique flavours of their raw honeys through their chemical free, cold press extraction process. This ensures their non-heat treated honeys preserve their natural enzymes and health giving properties.

These beautiful glass tubs are filled with our single floral source honey. Each pack has a Blue Gum, Orange Blossom and Bush Mallee tube. All tubes are 75g each and make a stunning gift for honey lovers.

Blue Gum | Adelaide Hills

A popular eucalyptus honey variety. The Adelaide Hills native bushland offers an outstanding quality Blue Gum honey which is medium to rich in flavour.

Orange Blossom | Riverland

A deliciously sweet, fragrant honey, harvested in spring from the orange groves of South Australia’s Riverland. Infused with citrus undertones Orange Blossom honey is in a category all of its own.

Bush Mallee | Murray Mallee

Unequalled for its aroma and distinctive bold bush flavour. The flavour is strong, the colour is dark and the experience of Bush Mallee honey is unforgettable.