Maine Beach Riverland Orange

Riverland Orange

Riverland Orange is the 2019 release from Maine Beach, McLaren Flat, SA.

The freshness of this scent will delight all.  It is made using a combination of Riverland oranges with the addition of grapefruit and lemon rind.  This makes for a full, sweet and delicious scent.  This range includes the 500ml pump tins of Hand and Body Creme and the hand and body wash.  These are simply a MUST HAVE for every bathroom or kitchen.  The Hand and Body Wash is like bathing in freshly squeezed orange juice.  It smells so good you could drink it!  Your skin will do just that.  Follow up with some lathering of the Hand and Body Creme, or the luscious body mousse.  Again, your skin will soak in the soothing rich creme and it will feel soft and well moisturised.

Each one of the Maine Beach fragrance ranges has a fragrant diffuser for your home, and the room and body spray.  This spray is perfect for any room in your home, and also in the car and office for a little spritz at any time.  Keep the spray in your bag for that afternoon freshen up.  Also in your bag there would be at least one of the Essential Duo packs – these little packs have a small tube of the hand and Nail Creme with a lip balm.  The lip balms are fantastic.  The scent and taste is subtle and the moisturising properties are wonderful.  Keep those lips even More kissable!

B and B owners….make sure you have your Riverland Orange product range ready for your guests.  They will love you for it!

Maine Beach

This is our very own 100% South Australian company and I am proudly the local stockist. They are located in McLaren Flat, the next town on from me in ‘The Vale’.

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