Spice Girlz

Spice Girlz is a family business based in the stunning Fluerieu Peninsula.  This great brand has become well known over the past 17 years probably because of their passion.

They're passionate about taste and passionate about real food. This is why they source quality ingredients locally where they can. Everything is gluten free, vegan and all-natural.

Spice Girlz condiments, dukakas and oils are so simple, yet so versatile: they transform a meal completely, and can be used to make delicious cooking sauces, dips, marinades, pizza bases....or a lashing of flavour, just as they are.
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spice girlz dukkah
Spice Girlz Hakuna Matata
Spice Girlz Olive oil
Spice Girlz Saucy tomato
Spice Girlz Jamato
Spice Girlz Moroccan Jam