Kakadu Plum Hand and Nail Creme


Kakadu Plum hand and nail creme is 100mls of pure loveliness.  I just can't get enough of this fantastic range from Maine Beach.  This is the Best Australian company - from right near me in McLaren Flat, South Australia.  All their products are fantastic.  100% Australian and  all organic.  They contain NO sulphates or parabens.  NO mineral oils or artificial colorants.  All their products are great for sensitive skin types.  And being 100% Australian, they understand our Australian conditions.  This Kakadu Plum hand and nail creme is deeply moisturising.  But even so, is holds no greasiness.  It soaks into your skin and makes it feel beautifully soft and refreshed.

If you love this you might like to try the 500ml pump pair - perfect for the kitchen and bathroom.  There is the Kakadu Plum Hand and body creme as well as the Kakadu Plum hand and body wash.  Both of these are a favourite with many.