Willow & Evie Candle - Evie's Black Magic


Evie's Black Magic

This stunning candle comes in a black jar and is inlaid with amethyst and rose quartz.  The fragrance is modern rose, Palo Santo and green leaf geranium. 

The amethyst is known to be purifying and rose quartz inspires love. A loyal one to soothe and calm.

Spread the love with this special gift.

Candles are hand poured in South Australia with 100% pure soy wax, non-toxic natural plant oils and lead-free wicks.

Cut to the wick!

‘To imprint the candle memory trim the wick to 5mm, then burn until a pool of wax reaches the glass edge’.

55 – 60 hrs burning time.

Scent – Modern Rose

Crystals – Amethyst, Rose Quartz

Top Notes – Pink Roses, Green Leaf

Middle Notes – English Rose, Jasmine

Base Notes – Light White Musk, Gardenia

Botanicals – Palo Santo