Willow & Evie Candle - Fleurieu Dreams


Fleurieu Dreams

Fleurieu Dreams is a candle fragrance that will transport you straight to Summer and the beach holidays of a happy childhood. 

The fragrance is a pairing of soft citrus and cool mint. 

The crystals inlaid in the wax are citrine and aventurine - bringing joy, optimism and abundance.

Candles are hand poured in South Australia with 100% pure soy wax, non-toxic natural plant oils and lead-free wicks.

Cut to the wick!

‘To imprint the candle memory trim the wick to 5mm, then burn until a pool of wax reaches the glass edge’.

55 – 60 hrs burning time.

Scent – Citrus & Cool Mint

Crystals – Citrine, Aventurine

Top Notes – Spearmint, Lime

Middle Notes – Lemon, Orange

Base Notes – Musk, Amber